Al Salam Mosque Nashville – New Property Purchase

This is an urgent request from Al-Salaam Mosque in Nashville, TN. We are reaching out to everyone for their generosity to help us raise $100,000 by January 1st for the down payment of the new property purchase next door to Al-Salaam Mosque. 

Our community in Nashville which includes – adults, children, students, etc. will benefit from every dollar that is given to Al-Salaam Mosque. ALL of the funds will be used for the down payment to a property next door to Al-Salaam Mosque that was purchased for $1.25 million. The amount – $100,000 we are asking is due by January 1st. This is the amount for the down payment of the property purchase.

The support that we will get from you will not only mean a lot to those that have been involved in expanding the Mosque since 2010, however it will help provide better classrooms for the students attending – both adult and kids, it will give us proper space to host more youth programs, proper space for our 350+ attendees we have for Friday Sermons, proper parking space all year round for the different events that we host, and many more things! 

Every single dollar that you donate for the sake of Allah is ever lasting charity.  This is not something that one person will benefit from and be grateful for, however and entire community and the generations to come will be very much appreciative of what we as a community will have established for them. 

Proper documentation and flyers are available for those who would like more information. For further questions or details please contact us directly at